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Controlling the Real World: Arduino Programming - May 8, 2014
Leaders: Dov Kruger and Megan Harris-Linton Zacks

Arduino Programming

Motivating Meaningful Discussion - April 27, 2014
Leaders: Joe Kremer and Patrick Wanninkhof

Motivating Meaningful Discussion

Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law - April 5, 2014

Leader: Helen Coyle

Electromagnetic Induction

Karlsruhe Physics Course and Modeling - 1 April, 2014
Leaders: Corrado Agnes and Joel Rosenburg

Models for the Refraction of Light- March 2, 2014

Leaders: Mark Schober and Kofi Donnelly

Refraction of Light

The BigShot Camera - February 21, 2014

Leader: Prof. Shree Nayar

BigShot Camera

Modeling Approach to Gas Laws - January 25, 2014

Leaders: Donghong Sun and Tammy Gwara

Modeling Gas Laws

Adventures in Programming: Visualizing Physical  and Math Systems - December 8, 2013

Leader: Nate Finney

Programming: Physical and Math

Great Teaching Ideas from Mars (via NASA) and MakerFaire - November 10, 2013

Leaders: Patrice Narayanan and Zhanna Glazenburg

Mars and MakerFaire

Danielson's Framework and Modeling Physics - October 20, 2013
Leaders: J.Pravin Kumar and Seth Guiñals-Kupperman

Danielson's Framework and Energy

What is Mass? - October 5, 2013
Leaders: Kofi Donnelly and Lucas Walker


 Modeling Accelerated Motion  - September 28, 2013
Leader: Mark Schober

Modeling Accelerated Motion

Making Sense of How Students Make Sense of Physics - June 9, 2013
Leader: Richard Steinberg

Making Sense

The iPad as a Mobile Learning Tool Workshop - Dec 1, 2012 
Leader: Eric Walters 

IPad Workshop

Modeling Approach to Chemistry: From Observable Changes to Particle Model of Matter - Nov 18, 2012
Leader: Donghong Sun

Modeling Approach to Chemistry

Use of Google Docs & Apps in the Science Classroom - Oct 27, 2012
Leaders: Andrew Stillman and Greg Benedis-Grab

Google Docs & Apps in Science Classroom

Leaders: Mark Schober and Craig Buszka 

Newton's Second Law Workshop

E. Bethea, P. Bianchi, S. Carpenter, S. Guinals-Kupperman, M. Holmes, and D. Sun conducted a timely workshop on StandardS Based Grading. Click on the link above for useful resources.

Standards Based Grading Workshop

Modeling Physics Summer Workshop Group 2012

Congratulations Graduates!!! 

Thanks to PhysicsTeachersNYC leaders; Fernand Brunschwig and Mark Schober, NYC hosted its first ever Modeling Physics Summer Workshop at Teachers College.

Modeling Physics Summer Workshop Album 1-4

Modeling Physics Summer Workshop Album 2- 4


Modeling Physics Summer Workshop Album 3- 4

Modeling Physics Summer Workshop Album 4-4



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