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Accelerated Motion Workshop
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The modeling cycle with focus on development of accelerated motion concepts - Sep 17, 2012

Mark Schober, Trinity School, NYC

Join us for a workshop introducing key aspects of the modeling cycle (see note below). Participants will divide into groups to investigate accelerated motion. The subsequent analysis and development of representational tools (graphs, equations and diagrams) will emulate classroom activities that prepare students to investigate more complex types of motion.

While the workshop will strengthen understanding of accelerated motion concepts; it is not focused on learning new physics. The primary purpose is, first, to introduce a set of instructional tools for eliciting ideas and building understanding in middle and high school students, and, second, to connect physics colleagues together and to spark strong interaction and deep discussion of effective pedagogy. The level is appropriate for introductory physics courses at grades 7-12 and for teachers with knowledge of physics ranging from minimal to advanced.

Participants will experiment with a simple, innovative apparatus (see photo below) that allows a disk to accelerate down a slope sufficiently slowly that data can be recorded by hand, thus allowing students to develop an intuitive ‘feel” for the actual phenomena and to visualize and internalize the key physics concepts.