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Mark Schober leading the workshop
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An Introduction to the Modeling Cycle (with focus on development of constant velocity motion concepts) - June 25, 2012

Fernand Brunschwig, Teachers College
Seth Guinals-Kupperman, High School for Math, Science and Engineering @ City College of NY
Mark Schober, Columbia Secondary School of Math, Science and Engineering
Andrew Stillman, New Visions for Public Schools

Join us for a workshop introducing key aspects of the modeling cycle (see note below). Participants will divide into groups to investigate several varieties of constant velocity motion. The subsequent analysis and development of representational tools (graphs, equations and diagrams) will emulate classroom activities that prepare students to investigate more complex types of motion.

While the workshop will strengthen understanding of constant velocity concepts and principles, it is not focused on learning new physics. The primary purpose is to introduce a set of instructional tools for eliciting ideas and building understanding in middle and high school students. The level is appropriate for introductory physics courses at grades 7-12 and for teachers with knowledge of physics ranging from minimal to advanced.

Participants will receive one “buggy” (a battery-powered vehicle that travels at two different constant speeds, especially suitable for recording and analysis of data) and one whiteboard (24”X32” melamite covered board for facilitating group process in analyzing, interpreting and presenting data and results of investigations).

Ice-breaker: Short presentations on teaching practice. As a warm-up exercise, participants are invited to make short (5-minute) presentations about their own teaching practice