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MAKE-AND-TAKE WORKSHOP: Series/Parallel Hot Dog Cooker and Conductivity Probe - April 21, 2012
Zhanna Glazenburg leading the workshop
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Leader: Zhanna Glazenburg, Croton-Harmon High School
The NY Hall of Science welcomes PhysicsTeachersNYC (the first invited adult group) to the brand-new MakerSpace! You can build a series/parallel hot dog cooker and a conductivity probe as well as participate in a “gallery walk” to review other MakerSpace-related projects. Fascinate and entertain your students while they learn about the practical difference between electrocuting hot dogs in series or parallel. (Will 2 hot dogs in series cook faster or slower than 2 hot dogs in parallel? How much faster/slower? Why?) With the conductivity probe students can explore a wide variety of phenomena in chemistry and physics, for example, the qualitative and (with a voltmeter or a digital interface & computer) the quantitative relationship between conductivity and concentration of an ionic solid in solution.

No prior skill required!  If you do not already know, we will teach you how to use a soldering iron, a drill, and a hot glue gun. All participants will make and take home a series/parallel hot dog cooker and a conductivity probe. A list of materials and sources, and instructions for building, will be available at the workshop for those who want to build additional apparatuses at home or school. Once we finish building the cooker and probe, we will brainstorm other ideas/suggestions for using them