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Video Analysis of Motion

Pravin J, Patrice Narayanan, Craig Aguda, and Hiroki Kitayama
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Video Analysis of Motion with Logger Pro - Feb 11, 2012

Pravin Jammula - Urban Assembly

(Jay) Pravin Jammula had prepared thoroughly and had some excellent materials.

We started off analyzing a video from the Apollo mission showing an astronaut jumping on the Moon many years ago. But we used the scale of his body and Logger Pro's frame by frame analysis to find that the gravitational intensity/acceleration of gravity (g) was indeed 1/6th what it is here at the surface of the Earth!

There were 18 of us with a wide variety of backgrounds and just as wide a variety of hardware (PCs, Macs, iPods, still cameras, video cameras, cell phones of every type and description....). But Jay was more than equal to the task, and, of course, in true modeling fashion, we all worked together on solving each others' problems, so everyone succeeded in actually taking video and analyzing it in Logger Pro. A wide variety of motions were analyzed: collisions on the low-friction track, baseballs flying through the air, meter sticks falling down, even Joe Kremer's ping-pong ball launched with reverse spin so that it gradually slowed down and then turned around and doubled back at constant speed! A convivial time doing and learning physics and how to teach it together, followed by a friendly lunch for some of us at our usual hang-out Sezz Medi.

Great job, Jay and thanks very much!!

Workshop participants can see a few pictures from the workshop and download a copy of the handouts here.

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