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Summer 2013 E&M

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  Unit 1 - Charge Behavior and Interactions
 M 7-22 Introduction
  a video clip to introduce electrostatics
 Force diagram for charged balloon stuck to wall and ceiling
   whiteboard photos
 Sticky tape lab
   whiteboard photos
 Electrophorus activity
Fill out the Modeling Experiences Survey: (don't worry that it says 2011-12)

 T 7-23 Whiteboard and discuss Electrophorus activity.
   whiteboard photos
 Soda Can electroscope activity and Worksheet 2
   whiteboard photos
 Electric charge sensor/Faraday pail demo
   whiteboard photos
 Leyden jar make-n-take activity
 Coulomb's Law Lab
   Video (by Schober)
   Video (by Crofton)
   Video (by Laws)
 W 7-24 The Turbo-Entabulator video!
 Physics Demonstrations in Electricity and Magnetism Part I. It costs $78.
 Finish Electric Force vs. Separation analysis
  whiteboard photos
 Coulomb's Law Development (effect of charge)
 Triboelectric series
 Worksheet 3
  whiteboard photos
 Finding the charge on a piece of sticky tape

 Reading: Begin Chapter 15, Sherwood and Chabay

 H 7-25  whiteboards - amount of charge on a tape
 Introduction to the electric field - field mapping activity.
  whiteboard photos 
PhET Simulation of the electric field - revised student guide
  whiteboard photos
 Quantitative definition of electric field
 Worksheets 4 & 5
  whiteboard photos

 Electrostatics Quiz
 Reading: Finish Chapter 15, Sherwood and Chabay

  Unit 2 - Electric Potential
 F 7-26 Introduction to electric potential (whiteboards on steps)
  relating gravitational and electrical potential
 U2 Worksheet 1
  whiteboard photos
 Gravitational Potential Mapping (contour maps)
 Electric Potential Mapping (mapping grid) (Excel template)
  apparatus photos and data

 Unit 1 Test

 M 7-29 Discussion of electric potential plots
  summary images and 3D plots
 Worksheet 2
  whiteboard photos
 Exploring Potential with PhET (revised student guide)
  whiteboard photos 
 Worksheet 3
  whiteboard photos
 T 7-30  Finish ws3 discussion
 Helicopter High Voltage Cable Inspection Video
 Worksheet 4
  whiteboard photos
 Capacitors and Energy Stored in a Capacitor
  whiteboards for energy stored
  whiteboards for capacitors in series and parallel
 Worksheet 5
  whiteboard photos

 Alternate Sequence for the potential unit that puts electric energy before electric potential.
  Unit 3 - Electric Circuits
 W 7-31 Finish discussion of potential
 Circuits Lab 1: What's happening in the wires?
  whiteboard lab (in the process, we discussed the ideas on worksheet 1
 Circuits Lab 2: Charge Distribution, Electric Fields & Potential Difference
 H 8-1 Discuss whiteboards from lab 2
 Circuits Worksheet 2
  whiteboard photos
 Video: Sherwood and 10kV circuit showing surface charges.
 Examples of incorrect circuit analyses
 Lab: Voltage vs. Current
  whiteboard photos
 Discussion: Ohm's Law and Power
 Lab: Series and parallel circuits
  whiteboard photos
 Worksheets 3 and 4
  whiteboard photos

 F 8-2 Discuss DIRECT  - Determining and Interpreting Resistive    Electric Circuits Concept Test
  whiteboard photos
 Equivalent circuits & Lab practicum
 Determining the resistivity of a wire
  Unit 4 - Magnetism
 M 8-5 Lab 1: Investigating the magnetic field direction due to a current-carrying wire
  whiteboard photos
 Lab 2: Investigating the magnetic field strength due to a current carrying wire.
  whiteboard photos
 Worksheet 1
  whiteboard photos
 Magnetic Force on a Current-carrying wire
 T 8-6 Build Current Balances
 Lab: Force on a wire
  whiteboard photos
 Worksheet 2
  whiteboard photos
 Magnetic fields and moving charges in python
 Worksheet 3
 W 8-7 Worksheet 3 whiteboards
 Examining Lorentz forces with python
 Building a motor
 Magnetism TIPERS
 Hall Effect and Induction

 H 8-8 
 F 8-9 

SBG Resources from Kelly O'Shea

In no particular order… 
A few extras that didn't make it into my top 5 above
There's a lot more out there—these were the first things that came to mind in my search for implementation details, etc.

The details of my own particular implementation, real feedback I've gotten from students, some SBG theory, and my physics objectives are here: http://kellyoshea.wordpress.com/standards-based-grading/

SBG from Mark Schober
 Physics Course syllabus
 Physics Standards 2012-13
 Chemistry Standards 2012-13

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